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Customer Testimonials

Stu was very easy to work with, incredibly patient & generally very helpful… Would recommend

We enjoyed a very cohesive & fun working relationship with Stu & the end result was fantastic, we are still feeling the buzz from theContinue readingNNGNN

Working with Stu was super easy, and a pleasure. He recorded 3 tracks in a day. It was intense for us but Stu’s relaxed attitudeContinue readingColma Wolves

Solar Sons had an awesome time doing our recent live session with Stu at Wall Of Sound Recording Studio for Top dudes and very happy with theContinue readingSolar Sons

Our band recorded with Stu a few weeks back and really enjoyed the experience. He made us feel welcome, and helped with suggestions here andContinue readingMaps & Plans

Used Wall of sound three times and can’t recommend Stu highly enough. Had a great time and Stu really works hard to get the soundContinue readingSlioch

Our band Sixty Cycle Hum recorded live with Stu Gordon at Wall of Sound last year and were delighted with the results. Stu’s love of music shines through andContinue readingSixty Cycle Hum

Recorded at Wall Of Sound last week & were again delighted with Stu’s work! A consummate professional in everything he does, whilst providing a veryContinue readingRunemaster