Edinburgh Studio Specialising in Heavy Music

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 Wall Of Sound Recording Studio is run by sound engineer & musician Stu Gordon. Located in the heart of Leith it is just a short walk from Edinburgh city centre.
Specialising in heavy music. Wall Of Sound aims to make your recordings as abrasive & hard hitting as possible. Punchy drums, gritty guitars & soaring vocals will take your record to the next level.  
Providing a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere, conducive to a creative & productive environment is a priority in every session. With decades of experience live & in the studio we have the tools, knowledge & passion to make your musical vision a reality.  
We offer a range of audio recording services. From studio albums & audio mixing to live studio sessions or gig recordings with video.
For more information or to discuss your next project, please get in touch here or call 07789655287



If you would like more information on any of our services then please fill out the form below. Give as much information as possible about the project & please include a link either to some previous recordings or to demos/rough mixes of the songs we will be working on.